Unmasking Alligator Cracking: The Hidden Enemy of Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt has a hidden enemy that can compromise its integrity and longevity — alligator cracking. Aptly named for its resemblance to the rough, scaly skin of an alligator, this form of asphalt distress can lead to serious pavement problems if not promptly addressed and is typically found on commercial properties. Let’s unmask this elusive foe, delve into its causes, explore its impact, and, most importantly, reveal effective strategies for prevention and repair. Continue reading “Unmasking Alligator Cracking: The Hidden Enemy of Asphalt Pavement”

Are Asphalt and Sealcoating Environmentally Friendly?

Are you looking to make your home a green haven AND do your part in helping the environment? Believe it or not, a great place to start is by paving a driveway with asphalt and protecting it with a solid sealcoating. This eco-friendly method of pavement maintenance can help keep the vibrancy of your driveway while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of similar products. With asphalt and sealcoating, you can combine these essential driveway utensils to create an environmentally conscious property, and the experts at Superior Sealcoating will show you how. Continue reading “Are Asphalt and Sealcoating Environmentally Friendly?”

Should I Repair My Potholes in Spring?

Winter time equals pothole time. At least, that’s what most driveway owners think. Whether you’re a commercial business owner or a homeowner, you’ll probably spend most of the winter hoping you don’t get a ton of large potholes all around your property. But when the snow clears, and the dust settles, most of us will end up with a few unsightly potholes to worry about. So is spring the best time to get them repaired? We’ll explain why you should consider repairing potholes as soon as the weather starts warming up. Continue reading “Should I Repair My Potholes in Spring?”

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Seal Coating Company

The minute your asphalt is laid down, it begins to feel the effects of the outside elements. Rainwater starts to eat away at the material, wind tries to erode its structural integrity, and the sun’s rays begin the oxidation process. If you aren’t prepared, your fresh installation will start to show the effects of wear and tear much faster than anticipated. Continue reading “5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Seal Coating Company”

How Does Snow Cause Potholes on Asphalt Roads?

As winter approaches, many people know to expect their drives to work to become a bit more uncomfortable. Unfortunately, potholes form for various reasons, one of them being those white flakes that look so good coming down but can cause serious disruptions to our everyday lives. A severe snowstorm almost always results in messy roadways, but why is it that asphalt suffers so much from cracks and potholes? Is there anything that homeowners, business owners, or municipalities can do about it? We have all the answers you need right here! Continue reading “How Does Snow Cause Potholes on Asphalt Roads?”

How Can Driveway Paving Add Value to Your Home?

You have a lot on your plate when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your home. From mowing the lawn to updating the landscaping, there are many steps you can take to ensure your house looks its best every month of the year. However, you might be thinking about a more permanent solution — such as driveway paving. Continue reading “How Can Driveway Paving Add Value to Your Home?”

Preparing Your Parking Lot for Line Striping

The first thing your customers, residents, or tenants will see about your property is likely your parking lot, which means it’s critical to give it the proper attention that it deserves. This upkeep can mean anything from regular maintenance services to parking lot sealcoating when the time is right. However, some of the most critical aspects of your parking lot are the lines and traffic markings in your lot. Without these, you run a significant risk of accidents and other mishaps. Continue reading “Preparing Your Parking Lot for Line Striping”

How Do Freeze-Thaw Cycles Affect Asphalt Pavement?


Keeping your asphalt pavement looking its best can prove challenging, especially during the winter months. In addition to the general wear and tear that happens with cars and trucks going over your paved surfaces, the elements and weather can wreak havoc on your asphalt. The asphalt surface can suffer damage from the winter weather in various ways, but the natural occurrence you need to keep in mind is the freeze-thaw cycles.  Continue reading “How Do Freeze-Thaw Cycles Affect Asphalt Pavement?”