Benefits of Having Your Driveway Sealcoated

Did you know that in just a couple of hours, a faded, damaged asphalt driveway could be restored, making it look almost like new? The magic of sealcoating is real, and below is a list of facts (and benefits) you likely did not know about sealcoating!

We offer top quality residential crack repair and asphalt driveway sealing to homeowners in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding communities. If you’re a homeowner who’s interested in learning more about our asphalt driveway sealing services in Delaware County, PA and beyond, please reach out to one of our friendly representatives today or fill out the form on our website!

Don’t Let Your Parking Lot Deter Customers!

After a long, grueling winter, you’ll most likely start to notice an influx of customers who are out shopping and enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Unfortunately, if your parking lot has been damaged during the winter due to snow and plows, you’re risking losing customers if you don’t get it repaired. Below are some of the ways a parking lot could affect a business, and why you should consider sealcoating or repairs.

Consider scheduling an estimate with Superior Seal Coating today! Business owners can trust us, as we’re the leaders in asphalt driveway sealing in Montgomery County, PA. Reach out to us today! We’re ready to help you with all your parking lot and asphalt driveway sealing needs in Delaware County, PA.

3 Ways Superior Seal Coating is Improving in 2019

As the leading blacktop sealcoating company in Montgomery County, PA, our team at Superior Seal Coating is always looking for new ways to improve our services. From expanding upon our industry knowledge to buying new equipment, we take providing our customers with the best seriously, which is why we enjoy going the extra mile. Check out the video below to learn more about how we are improving as a company in 2019.

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New Year, New Parking Lot by Superior Seal Coating!

Did you know that a damaged parking lot can dramatically affect your business? At Superior Seal Coating, we work one-on-one with our clients, deciding a budget to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible. We’re devoted to providing exceptional services so your business can thrive in the new year. For an overall finished parking lot look, commercial customers can take advantage of our wide range of quality services in Chester County, PA, including parking lot sealcoating maintenance. Watch the video below to learn about some of the services we offer. Continue reading “New Year, New Parking Lot by Superior Seal Coating!”

Winter is Coming! Protect Your Parking Lot from the Elements with Superior Commercial Sealcoating

The winter is the harshest time of the year for pavement in the Philadelphia region. From extreme winter weather and constant temperature changes to heavy salt corrosion and unintentional damage from plow trucks, your company’s parking lot can take a beating during the winter season. Continue reading “Winter is Coming! Protect Your Parking Lot from the Elements with Superior Commercial Sealcoating”

Get Professional Sealcoating Services for Fall 2018

Now is still the perfect time to schedule a residential or commercial asphalt driveway sealcoating service for your property in or around Montgomery County, PA. The professionals at Superior Seal Coating are ready to help make your next sealcoating job a success thanks to our vast fleet of equipment and experienced technicians. Learn more about our service in this new video. Continue reading “Get Professional Sealcoating Services for Fall 2018”

Video: Superior Seal Coating is the Company to Choose in Montgomery County, PA

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