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Get Your Project Done In 3 Easy Steps!
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Asphalt & Blacktop Sealcoating in Southeastern PA

Superior Seal Coating is your leading choice for commercial and residential asphalt and parking lot maintenance in the Philadelphia area. Whether your asphalt driveway is 100 ft2 or your parking lot is 1,000,000 ft2, Superior Seal Coating is the right choice for you. We pride ourselves on superior workmanship, customer service, and attention to detail. Superior Seal Coating offers everything you need, including seal coating, crack repair, blacktop patching, paving, line painting, and more.

As one of the area’s top sealcoating companies, Superior Seal Coating has been providing comprehensive asphalt care to homeowners, business owners, property managers, homeowners associations, churches, and more since 2005. We serve Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County, PA, and provide limited services in Philadelphia County and Bucks County, PA. We at Superior Seal Coating have the experience and equipment to provide the best installations among other driveway sealing companies in the area.

Need Expert Driveway and Parking Lot Contractors?

Your asphalt driveway or parking lot is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home or business. Let Superior Seal Coating help you make the right first impression. Proper maintenance can double the life of your asphalt and protect your investment. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and quality workmanship.

Residential Services

Not all sealcoating companies are the same. All our residential installations are done by hand, and sealer is applied with brushes. This provides a neat, clean, and uniform finished product. As one of the area’s top driveway sealing companies, Superior Seal Coating can evaluate your driveway and provide a free written estimate for residential driveway maintenance.

Commercial Services

Your parking lot is the first thing customers or tenants see. Let Superior Seal Coating help you make the right first impression. Proper parking lot maintenance can double the life of your asphalt, and clean, crisp markings provide safe traffic flow and maximize parking. We can fix potholes and damaged asphalt to keep your visitors safe. Superior Seal Coating can evaluate your current parking area and offer an affordable, comprehensive plan for parking lot sealing. As one of the area’s leading sealcoating companies, we want to ensure that your visitors are safe when they visit your commercial property.

Asphalt Paving

When seal coating isn’t enough, Superior Seal Coating also offers comprehensive asphalt paving services in Southeastern Pennsylvania. From small patch jobs to driveway and parking lot paving, Superior Seal Coating is the best paving company for you. Our asphalt paving professionals will evaluate your driveway or parking lot and provide a free estimate with our recommended course of action.

Asphalt Repair

Severely damaged asphalt can be unsightly and dangerous for your customers or residents. Potholes pose tripping hazards and can damage vehicles. Superior Seal Coating can perform asphalt repairs and remove and replace bad asphalt to keep your visitors safe and happy. Choosing the right paving contractors can make all the difference; contact Superior Seal Coating now.

Line Painting & Striping

As one of the leading parking lot contractors in the area, Superior Seal Coating can evaluate your current parking area and offer an affordable, comprehensive plan for optimizing it. Whether you need better markings to direct traffic flow, a simple repaint, or ADA-compliant parking, you can count on us to get the job done.

Why You Need Asphalt Sealer on Your Property

Protecting your asphalt is a year-round job. Consider all the elements it faces. Without proper maintenance, your asphalt can crack and form potholes requiring costly repairs down the road. Proper preventative maintenance, including seal coating and crack repair, is a vital tool in protecting your property’s pavement and extending its lifespan. But do you really know understand the benefits of asphalt sealer? From shopping mall parking lots to residential driveways, here are the biggest benefits of using a high-quality sealer on your property.

Protects Against UV Rays

Asphalt sealer acts as a barrier against the sun’s harsh UV rays, preventing oxidation and fading that can make your asphalt look worn and tired, helping to extend the life of your surface.

Prevents Water Damage

Water is one of the most damaging elements to asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating asphalt provides a waterproofing agent, blocking water from seeping into cracks and causing damage to the sub base.

Resists Oil and Gas Leaks

Driveway sealer protects against potential damage from oil and gas leaks, which can be a common issue in high-traffic areas like parking lots, busy driveways, and other frequently used locations.

Increases Curb Appeal

A freshly sealed asphalt surface looks clean and well-maintained, making your property more attractive to visitors and potential buyers.

Saves Money Long-Term

Regular maintenance paired with asphalt sealing can extend the lifespan of your pavement, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Why Superior Seal Coating is Perfect for Your Asphalt Installation, Repair, and Sealcoating Needs

Chris, Jerry, and the amazing team at Superior Seal Coating understand the critical role your asphalt plays in your life. All installations, repairs, and sealcoating needs are unique. We have over 40 years of industry experience between our owners and we have a suite of services to meet your needs, all of which are essential to maintaining the value and safety of your property.That’s just part of the reason why we’re the finest sealcoating company in the region and why you should trust us for your project.

At Superior Seal Coating, our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Here are some reasons why we’re confident that we’re the perfect choice for all your asphalt installation, repair, and sealcoating needs:

  • Expertise – We have a team of skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the asphalt industry. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we ensure that every step of the process — from asphalt repairs to new pavements — is done with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Quality Materials – We use only the best materials available in the market, ensuring that your asphalt installation, repair, and sealcoating needs are met with the highest standards. Our materials are durable and long-lasting, providing you with outstanding results that won’t leave you clamoring for new asphalt any time soon.
  • Value – In this industry, you truly get what you pay for, and we pride ourselves on providing a superior service at a fair price. Superior Seal Coating offers every relevant asphalt service from seal coating to paving. Some contractors will push you in a certain direction to suit their needs, not yours. At Superior Seal Coating, our only agenda is keeping you as a long-term customer; we want to be your asphalt contractor for life, not just for this job.

Partner With the Finest Asphalt Sealcoating Company in Southeastern PA

As one of the top sealcoating companies in the Philadelphia area, we stand behind our work. Chris, Jerry, and the Superior Seal Coating crews guarantee quality work every single time. We invite every customer to contact us with any questions, comments, or issues. Our mission is for all customers to be satisfied with our work. We want you to be a customer for life; our business is based on our customers referring colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors.


Hear from our happy customers:

“Outstanding price and very honorable company. The rain came after they did the job and Chris called to reschedule a second seal coat at no charge because the rain washed away the first job. I didn’t even need to reach out to the company, he called me. I would definitely use them again!”

G.H., Swarthmore, PA

“Wow! Just had our driveway done today by Superior and it looks awesome!! They are reasonably priced, the guys who did the job were great. You will not be disappointed! No need to call anyone else these guys are the best, our driveway looks brand new!”

Jackie T., West Chester, PA

“Happy to heartily recommend Superior Seal Coating, West Chester. Competitively priced, fair, honest and above all, a great job.  Superior did about 20 neighbors in our community and all were highly satisfied.  They were on time, worked quickly and efficiently and not one drop spilled. This is the 3rd time I have used Superior and I will definitely use them again!  Do business locally, it pays!”

Joan C., Coatesville, PA
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