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Superior Sealcoating

Our Sealant & Our Process

Superior Sealcoating performs commercial and residential asphalt maintenance, paving, and line striping. Contact us today for a free estimate for your driveway or parking lot.

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Our Sealcoating Product and How We Get It Done

Residential sealcoating - new driveway in Chester County, PA - Superior Sealcoating

At Superior Seal Coating, we specialize in providing both residential and commercial customers with high-quality asphalt services. Whether you’re dealing with cracks in your driveway or need a professional to come in and assess the condition of your parking lot, you can count on Superior Seal Coating to provide you with the best solution and service.

Why Choose Superior Sealcoating

From bidding to execution, Superior Seal Coating has been involved with hundreds of commercial and residential contracts at every level. We want our customers to be customers for life. We achieve this with quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Superior Seal Coating is willing to go out of our way to ensure every job is done right. Our scheduling is very flexible and all work is performed by owner-trained technicians.

We stand behind our work. Chris, Jerry, and the Superior Seal Coating crews guarantee a quality job every time. We encourage every customer to contact us with any questions, comments, or issues. Our mission is for every customer to be very satisfied with our work. We want you to be a customer for life; our business is based on our customers referring us to colleagues, friends, family and neighbors.

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Why our Sealant is Superior

  • What goes into the process of sealing an asphalt driveway?

    Before Superior Seal Coating can do anything, we have to make sure the area is prepped and free of any weeds or other signs of debris. Once the area is clear, we apply crack fill and prime any oil spots if necessary. Afterward, we apply sealcoating to the pavement. Seal coating should be left to professionals, so reach out to Superior Seal Coating if your driveway needs attention.

  • What kind of seal coat is used?

    We use coal tar emulsion sealer; this product meets and exceeds federal specification RP-355e, a standard set by the FAA for use on airport runways. Our mixture contains 30% water, 3 lbs/gal silica sand, 4% latex additive and Coal Tar Sealer.

  • How is the seal coat applied?

    The product is applied by brush in residential settings unless the customer requests a spray application. The product is sprayed in commercial settings. Superior Seal Coating will “cut in” all curbing, buildings, etc. so there is no overspray on those structures.

  • What is done to prepare a driveway for the seal coat?

    Any crack filling or oil spot priming will be done prior to seal coating. The day of the seal coating, the crew will trim back the grass from the edges of your driveway and blow the driveway clean before application. Any dirt sticking to the driveway will be scrubbed with a heavy duty wire broom.

  • What is done to prepare a parking lot for the seal coat?

    The day of the seal coating, the crew will trim back any grass that is surrounding the area to be treated (certain heavy brush or overgrowth may not be included), run all cracks with a wire wheel Grazor, and blow the parking lot clean before application. Any dirt sticking to the parking lot will be scrubbed with a heavy duty wire broom. Superior Seal Coating will then hot crack fill and treat oil spots.

  • What is crack filling?

    Crack fill seals structural cracks greater than 1/4” wide. All cracks smaller than this will be protected by the seal coat. Joints between buildings and curbs are not included in this service. Crack filling does not take the place of patching. Portions of asphalt that have broken away from the parking lot or have sunken in can only be repaired by patching.

  • How is the crack fill applied?

    All cracks will be cleaned with a mechanical wire wheel known as a Grazor. The cracks will then be blown free of all debris. The crack fill is then poured onto the cracks and hand spread with specifically designed rubber trowels.

  • Is the crack fill visible through the seal coat?

    You will be able to see the crack fill through the sealcoat because the texture of the crack filler is smoother than the texture of the parking lot. This is unavoidable if you want your parking lot to be protected.

  • What is oil spot priming?

    Petrobond is used to ensure adhesion of pavement sealer to oil, gas, grease and chemical stained areas on asphalt pavements. It seals those stained areas on asphalt pavements and shields against the bleeding of those spots through the seal coat. **This area may be a slightly darker shade of black**

  • How is the oil primer applied?

    The areas to be treated will be scraped free of dirt and grime. The Petrobond will then be scrubbed on to cover the stain.

  • How do you fill cracks in asphalt?

    Superior Seal Coating uses acrylic and/or hot asphalt crack filling to fix cracks in your driveway or parking lot. Once we have the cracks free of debris, the cracks are backfilled with sand, and the material is applied with a squeegee to be flush with the blacktop surface. If you have cracks and need asphalt repair, Superior Seal Coating can help.

The Superior Sealcoating Process

  • How do I start?

    Call 484-886-1362 ext 1 during normal business hours or fill out an online request to get your free estimate. You should submit your full name, address, best contact number and any specific issues or requests. Superior Seal Coating will then provide a written estimate within three business days (unless otherwise specified). Any sight drawings of the area to be estimated are always helpful(if applicable).

  • How do I get a free estimate?

    Call 484-886-1362 ext 1 during normal business hours or fill out an online request. You should submit your full name, address, best contact number, and any specific issues or questions. Superior Seal Coating will then provide a written estimate within three business days (unless otherwise specified). Any sight drawings of the area to be estimated are always helpful(if applicable).

  • How do I schedule the project?

    Request scheduling on our contact page or call 484-886-1362 ext 2 during normal business hours. Superior Seal Coating will give you a definite date that we will be out to your property, weather permitting.

  • How does the weather affect my parking lot project?

    Our services cannot be completed in the rain or in cold temperatures. We carefully monitor the weather through multiple resources. Superior Seal Coating takes responsibility for any work that is affected by the weather and we ask that our customer defer to our experience.

  • What time does the crew come to do the work?

    Our crews start their day early and may be out to your house as early as 7am. Please leave your cars out the night before the work is scheduled if you are not an early riser. Our crews work through the day so you may not be the first driveway scheduled. We cannot offer a definite arrival time because we cannot always anticipate how long each project will take. In most cases we do not need anyone home to complete the service so please don’t feel the need to wait around for us.

  • Who will be performing the work?

    All employees at Superior Seal Coating wear a designated company uniform. Each employee has been personally trained by either owner, Chris or Jerry.

  • Do I need to be on site for Superior Seal Coating?

    Generally, you do not need to be present for any of our services. Since your asphalt is easily accessible to Superior Seal Coating we can estimate, prepare and seal coat your property without supervision.

  • What are my responsibilities to prepare for the work?

    Please make sure all cars are off of the driveway/parking lot at least an hour before work is to begin. The property owner is responsible for making sure all obstructions are off the agreed work areas before work can begin. A towing company should be on call for commercial properties.

  • How long should I keep the cars off my parking lot after crack filling and seal coating?

    Crack fill: 24 hours
    Seal Coat: 48 hours
    Line Striping: 3 hours

  • How should I pay for the work?

    Payment is due within 15 days of job completion. An invoice will be delivered on the day that the job is completed. All commercial jobs require payment with a check. Residential customers can use a credit card to make a payment. If payment is not received within 30 days a 10% late charge will be applied to your invoice.

  • Why is line striping a parking lot important?

    Line striping’s most important function is increasing the safety of a parking lot. When a parking lot has clearly designated crosswalks, it helps drivers look out for pedestrians and vice versa. Striping also helps make the movement of vehicles more efficient, reducing traffic and the risk of collisions on your property. Additionally, line striping helps to maximize parking space in a parking lot, so that your business can safely accommodate an optimal number of customers at once. Line striping also helps attract new customers by improving your property’s curb appeal, and enables you to accommodate visitors with special needs with designated International Symbols of Access (for marking reserved wheelchair-accessible parking spaces). Request an estimate for a line painting and striping job from Superior Seal Coating.

  • How long should we keep vehicles off the surface after sealing?

    Keep any cars off of the driveway or areas subject to residential seal coating for at least 48 hours, as the surface needs the proper amount of time to dry completely. Just because it may feel dry doesn’t mean that it is ready for vehicle traffic, and traffic on the area will ruin the seal. While warmer conditions might allow for faster drying times, it is best to let it sit overnight and avoid it until the next day for the best results.

  • How often should my parking lot be sealed?

    There are a variety of factors that go into how often your parking lot should be sealed and re-sealed. These factors include how much use it is regularly getting, how new the asphalt is, and how the previous coating was applied. A general rule of thumb is to have commercial seal coating done for your parking lot every 3-5 years, but some may need it more frequently, depending on usage.