3 Reasons to Patch or Repave Your Driveway Before Winter

Whether your asphalt driveway has been around since you bought your house or newly implemented, it may not be safe from the wear and tear that the winter season brings. Once the weather starts to get cold, dealing with any damage is going to be much more difficult. Superior Seal Coating recommends that homeowners across Chester County, PA and beyond look into asphalt driveway patching before the winter comes, as it may be your last chance to save your driveway from needing more expensive repairs and get it ready for winter.

Snow and ice crack make potholes bigger.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many more cracks and potholes in the road late into winter, you can blame freezing rain and snow. Water penetrating through cracks erode the stone subbase, and as the cracks get larger, the process speeds up exponentially. The eroding of the base, as well as heavy traffic on the surface, creates potholes. If your driveway is already starting to crack or already has potholes, the winter season will only make these problems significantly worse, so it is best to have patchwork done during the fall. Preventative measures such as patching are our most important services this time of year, so take advantage of what we offer now. Watch this brief video for more information:

New pavement allows snow and ice to melt faster.

One of the effects that paving and patching has is giving the treated areas deeper and darker colors. As you likely know, if you’ve ever worn a black shirt on a hot day, darker colors absorb significantly more heat. The same science applies to a darker driveway; once the snow and ice pile up on your driveway, the new pavement’s darker color and increased heat will cause it to melt faster, which should make shoveling easier and make you less likely to slip on any ice!

Now is your last chance before spring.

Fall is the end of asphalt paving and patching season, which is why you need to either get it now (before Thanksgiving) or wait until spring. New asphalt must be installed and compacted before it cools, which is more difficult in colder temperatures. Due to this, most asphalt plants just down during the winter. Because of these factors, time is running out to address any issues with your pavement before winter rolls around. If any other problems arise over the winter, the repairs will be more expensive in the spring.

If you are looking to touch up or repave your driveway before winter, then Superior Seal Coating can get the job done. Whether you have current issues or just want to play it safe for the future, we specialize in both residential and commercial asphalt driveway patching in Montgomery County, PA and all of its surrounding areas, including Philadelphia. For a free quote, contact Superior Seal Coating today!