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Should I Repair My Potholes in Spring?

Should I Repair My Potholes in Spring?

 Winter time equals pothole time. At least, that’s what most driveway owners think. Whether you’re a commercial business owner or a homeowner, you’ll probably spend most of the winter hoping you don’t get a ton of large potholes all around your property. But when the snow clears, and the dust settles, most of us will end up with a few unsightly potholes to worry about. So is spring the best time to get them repaired? We’ll explain why you should consider repairing potholes as soon as the weather starts warming up.

Spring Usually Means No Snow

Even the greatest snow enthusiasts understand that it can bring some hassle to any job. Snowy weather makes it difficult to operate on asphalt, as the freezing rain and snow can cause asphalt to cool far too quickly. Additionally, freezing and thawing cycles can damage asphalt leading to weaker layers underneath the surface of your new asphalt. Getting your potholes repaired in the springs clears you from these risks.

Spring Temperatures Are Ideal for Repairs

Everything is better when the weather warms up, right? Spring temperatures are ideal for repairs because you don’t have to worry about the freeze/thaw cycle, nor will contractors have to stress about messing up the mixture needed for pothole repairs. The “hot mix asphalt” is kept in a liquid state and stored in a heated truck. The cold temperatures keep the mixture in perfect condition for the asphalt repair job. Contactors won’t have to worry about mixture freezing and the added complications that come from it.

You Can Get a Full Inspection of the Damage Caused During Winter

Spring is a great time to take note of the condition of your entire parking lot. Winter weather can leave its mark, but spring is the time to get the best bang for your buck from any repairs. Check your pavement for any asphalt cracks or damage and take note for next winter, so you can take any necessary precautions. Check for any additional damages that put your driveway, parking lot, home, business, or vehicles at risk. 

Prevent Future Damage, Reinforce the Safety of Your Property, and Save Money!

Potholes are a safety threat for commercial businesses and homeowners. They can damage tires and suspension systems and leave people at risk of dangerous trips and falls. Additionally, potholes that go unchecked will accumulate more water and weaken the rest of the surrounding asphalt. A minor pothole may survive the summer but may lead to more potholes than usual in the winter. You’ll end up paying for a larger job than you need to, reducing the hard-earned money in your wallet for fairly unnecessary reasons. 

Turn to Superior Seal Coating for Your Asphalt Repair Services

When the weather starts to warm up, start taking note of the damage done to your asphalt. If you have significant damage, turn to Superior Seal Coating and give your driveway or road a new look for the spring and summer! Protect your suspension and other critical vehicle components with our help! We’ll patch and pave over asphalt, repair cracks, and perform a comprehensive set of services intended to give you a beautiful-looking asphalt surface. Contact us today to schedule your repair or learn more about our commercial or residential seal coating services to add a layer of protection against the elements.