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How Does Sealcoating Protect Driveways From Damage?

How Does Sealcoating Protect Driveways From Damage?

Residential driveway sealcoating is a preventative maintenance method that saves you money and extends the life of your driveway from the moment you get it applied.

The Importance of Sealcoating

Sealcoating is important to keep your driveway safe from sun damage, potholes, weather effects, and everyday wear and tear. Your driveway is an important part of your home, and protecting it from these elements ensures that you maximize its lifespan and enjoy the beautiful benefits of your driveway. There are plenty of sealcoating options to protect your driveway or parking lot, including traditional sealcoating, slurry seals, micro-surfacing, and tire rubber modified surface sealers. Protecting your driveway with a layer of sealcoating every 3-5 years (especially in colder climates with many freeze-thaw cycles) will ensure that you prevent damage from the natural environmental changes your asphalt has to endure.

Driveways and Sun Damage

The main force that affects your driveway is sun damage. The strength of the sun's UV rays blasts your asphalt driveway almost every day, and along with the different environmental elements it faces, your driveway will struggle to stay intact. Even on days when the temperature doesn't exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, your driveway can reach almost 140 degrees. This constant exposure to the sun creates cracks and chips away at the structural integrity of your asphalt.

Winter Weather

As if the sun wasn't enough, your driveway also can take a ton of damage from the effects of winter weather. Snow, ice, sleet, and cold temperatures create freeze-thaw cycles that wear down your driveway. That's why you notice the worst types of potholes on street roads in the winter, and a sealed driveway can help combat these elements. Sealcoating protects against water seepage and is a cost-effective way to prevent constant asphalt repairs. Come out of the winter with a beautiful driveway and watch everyone marvel at how beautiful your driveway looks.


The worst part about potholes isn't how huge or annoying they can make your car ride, but just how much damage they can do to your car. Unlike your city or state roads, your driveways are not liable to be fixed every season. As the weather gets hotter, asphalt expands, increasing the likelihood of damage to your driveway and vehicle. The best way to keep potholes out of your driveway is by protecting them with sealcoating, which you should get in the warm weather to prevent moisture from seeping into your asphalt.

Faded Colors

Sealcoating acts as a method of reviving the color and look of your driveway. Even though asphalt is darker in color, there's a huge difference between a stunning driveway and one that looks like it hasn't been maintained. Sealcoating can reverse the sun's effects and add a beautiful finish and color to your driveway that makes it look as good as new,

Protect Your Driveway With Superior Seal Coating

If asphalt sealcoating is on your mind, consider reaching out to an expert in your location to ensure you cover every nook and cranny. With Superior Seal Coating, our expertise is in our name, as we'll provide you with our driveway repair and sealing service. You'll have cracks repaired, potholes filled in and restore the shine of your driveway, and receive a coating that protects it for years to come. Contact us today and bring a superior sealcoating service to your driveway.