3 Ways Your Landscaping Could Be Harming Your Asphalt

Having a beautifully kept yard and landscape can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your home or business. However, you should also be aware of the ways in which your landscaping can butt heads with your asphalt. Courtesy of Superior Seal Coating, your prime source for commercial sealcoating maintenance in Montgomery County, PA, check out some of these ways in which your landscape could affect your pavement for the worse.


Roots Can Cause Asphalt to Buckle and Break

Plants have extensive root systems that are constantly growing, and may extend four to seven times the distance of the tree’s crown. As these roots spread, they can lift your asphalt by gradual pressure until the paving bulges, cracks, and buckles.

Before you plant any trees near your asphalt, be sure to select trees with manageable root systems and minimal leaf drop. If you already have well-established trees in your yard, monitor your asphalt closely.

Sprinklers Can Erode the Surface

Your pavement experiences all kinds of weather during the year, and naturally needs to withstand some rain now and then. Generally, roads and pavement slope slightly, directing water away from the asphalt to a drain, basin, or gutter.

However, misplaced sprinklers and overflowing drip lines for gardens can direct large amounts of water to a small space. Over time, the excess water can penetrate the pavement, softening the base layer and causing the soil to compact and sink, leading to depressions and potholes.

Sealcoating acts as a waterproofing agent, preventing water from seeping through to your pavement. Also, to ensure proper drainage, make certain that your sprinkler heads aim away from your pavement.

Fertilizers Can Stain the Surface

During warm spring and summer months, remember that not all fertilizers are asphalt-friendly. Some brands contain iron that can discolor your pavement; in some cases, the fertilizer can even eat away at the asphalt’s surface. Ask the pros at Superior Seal Coating for advice on how to properly protect your asphalt from fertilizer-related discoloration and stains.

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