What is “Sealcoating?”


Asphalt is a common sight wherever you go. As any commercial seal coating maintenance company in Montgomery County, PA can tell you: where there’s asphalt, there’s a risk of potholes, sinkholes, and cracks without proper maintenance. The last thing you want customers to see when they first pull up to your business is a parking lot filled with obstacles, but the good news is that doing proper maintenance on your asphalt will help keep your lots in good condition for years.

Maintenance can involve a lot of things, including using the right kind of salt or changing the shovel you use. However, the cornerstone of any good maintenance plan is regularly sealcoating your asphalt to protect it from the wear and tear of regular use.

What Goes into Sealcoating

Fundamentally, sealcoating is a simple process: a thin, protective layer is applied to your asphalt to help avoid cracks and even restore the look of the pavement.

Different kinds of sealcoating can be used in different areas, each with varying levels of protection. Fundamentally, though, sealcoating is a mixture of liquids and various types of particles that are typically applied every few years.

Typically, sealcoating can’t be applied until the outside temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the best results come when there’s minimal chance of rain over the next 24 hours. Sealcoating requires this much time without rain because, just like asphalt, it needs some time to set up to be most effective.

Kinds of Sealcoating

As mentioned earlier, sealcoating can consist of a variety of different materials. Different types of sealcoating include:

  • Coal Tar Emulsion
  • Asphalt Emulsion
  • Oil-Based
  • Acrylic

Typically, most people choose to use coal tar emulsion where possible, but there are often different regulations for different places that may limit its use. Acrylic sealcoating is typically the best for parking lots and large areas because it can last up to seven years, depending on the amount of usage the paved area gets.

Why It Matters

As noted already, sealcoating is vital to maintaining asphalt surfaces because it helps protect the parking lots, driveways, and other paved surfaces of your business from damage. Having this protection is essential, as failing to maintain your asphalt can result in serious damage that won’t just hurt your professional image, but also your bottom line.

Damaged asphalt needs regular repairs for the safety of the people that use it. Otherwise, you could be on the hook for repaving the entirety of your parking lot rather than just sealcoating it every few years.

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