Tips and Methods for Maintaining Asphalt Surfaces


Want to protect your asphalt? At Superior Seal Coating, we know the best practices for getting the most out of your surfaces. We are one of the most trusted parking lot crack repair companies in Chester County, PA and beyond and have been providing residential and commercial clients with excellent pavement protection for years. These simple services will extend the life of your asphalt and postpone costly paving:

Seal Coating

Seal coating will protect your asphalt from the elements, such as any moisture and extreme heat that may otherwise cause damage to your surface. This process will also extend the lifetime of your parking lot, driveway, or other surfaces by multiple years, which helps you avoid paying a steep fee for having the entire area re-paved.

Crack Repair

Routine crack repair will seal cracks, minimize water penetration, protect the supporting base of your asphalt, and prevent cracks from turning into potholes. If a pothole does form, it can cause severe damage to vehicles, which means more money spent on auto repairs. The more affordable option is addressing the cracks when they develop and not having to go through the trouble of filling potholes and dealing with any resulting damage.

Asphalt Patching

Have you noticed any severe cracks or holes in your asphalt? The first instinct might be to completely re-do the entire area, but asphalt patching is a more sensible and affordable option. Small damaged areas can be replaced, eliminating hazards and keeping your parking lot safe. Not only that, but this service, much like crack repair, keeps smaller problems from escalating into significant issues.

Line Striping

Line striping is an inexpensive way to make a significant impact on your parking lot. Fresh lines keep traffic moving safely and give your lot a fresh new look. If the current lines and markings in your lot are old and faded, it can lead to various states of confusion, from double parking where spots aren’t clear to avoidable collisions. Line striping your lot can go a long way toward keeping your property safe and even bringing in more visitors.

Looking for more tips to keep your asphalt surfaces intact? Superior Seal Coating, one of the top parking lot crack repair companies in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas, can be of assistance. Call us today at 484-348-4972 to learn more!