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What Goes into Proper Asphalt Driveway Maintenance?

What Goes into Proper Asphalt Driveway Maintenance?

Your asphalt driveway goes through plenty during its lifespan. Constantly facing the elements, cars, and leakages from those cars can place a great deal of strain on your driveway. Most asphalt driveways can last up to 20 years without a regular maintenance routine — but if you do decide to incorporate one, you can extend the life of your driveway and save money along the way!

How Do I Protect My Driveway?

For homeowners looking to keep their driveway at its best and extend its life, you should take a proactive approach towards its maintenance. At Superior Seal Coating, we’ve discussed the importance of developing and sticking to an asphalt driveway maintenance program. Knowing where to start can be a daunting proposition for people who haven't utilized such a program before, but the Superior Seal Coating team looks forward to helping you get started on the right foot!

Break Out the Brooms

One of the first steps in any driveway maintenance program revolves around taking care of the topmost layer of your driveway. Homeowners do this by using a stiff broom and a powerful hose to wash away excess dirt and debris from their driveway. Keeping this kind of routine will help protect your asphalt from potential damage and contribute to extending its life.

Keep an Eye Out for Cracks 

It’s easy to notice significant incidents that can affect your driveway. What can slip past your gaze and potentially indicate more pressing structural issues lies in the cracks that develop in your driveway over time. When you notice the cracks beginning to develop, take the time to examine them and determine if they are alligator cracks or another variety. If caught early enough, you may be able to perform adequate asphalt repair. You can apply a sealant or crack filler yourself and address the damage before it spirals out of control, or you can reach out to one of Delaware County’s top sealcoating companies for professional assistance. 

Regularly Apply Fresh Sealcoats

The key to protecting your driveway centers around how well you protect it from the elements. As water seeps through and begins weakening the bonds that hold the sub-base together, the quicker you’ll have to replace your driveway. One way to protect your driveway from water infiltration comes in the form of regular residential sealcoating applications. A fresh sealcoating protects your driveway from the sun oxidizing the binders, preventing water from getting into the cracks and down to the sub-base layer. A new seal on your driveway will help protect your asphalt from any oil and gas that may spill or leak from your cars over time.  For homeowners looking to implement a proper asphalt driveway maintenance routine, the team at Superior Seal Coating can help! Our extensive experience with sealing asphalt driveways of all sizes means we can tackle any project and deliver the results you need! Contact us to get a free quote or schedule an appointment today!