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How the Summer Heat Affects Your Parking Lot

How the Summer Heat Affects Your Parking Lot

 Many parking lot owners believe that winter is the time of year to take active measures to protect their lots from the elements. However, the summer heat can prove as treacherous for their lot’s long-term health as cold weather. With the summer sun bearing down on your asphalt surfaces, what signs should you be aware of that indicate worsening damage, and what are some ways that you can help protect it?

Why Does the Summer Sun and Heat Damage Your Asphalt?

Much like how the changes in temperature in the winter can cause significant damage to your asphalt parking lot, the summer heat can cause as much havoc without the proper maintenance routines. The summer heat causes your asphalt to expand and loosen the natural oils that bind it together. This can quickly worsen the size and severity of any cracks that are already in your asphalt. Additionally, new cracks can begin to form and add more unsightly blemishes and potentially damage any cars that visit your property. 

What Other Ways Can Heat Damage My Asphalt?

Aside from structural damage, heat can affect the visual touches you use to make your parking lot more inviting. The line striping throughout your parking lot can start to visibly fade through continued exposure to direct sunlight and the constant vehicle traffic.  We have discussed that heat can weaken the integrity of your asphalt parking lot, and part of the danger of that weakening comes during rainfall. While rains can potentially be scarce in the summer, with your asphalt beginning to feature more cracks and areas for water to seep into, the threat of water infiltration damage rises. If you see cracks and potholes multiplying during the summer, there are steps you can take to prevent further damage and extend the life of your asphalt. 

How You Can Protect Your Asphalt Pavement from the Heat

A proper maintenance and repair routine can go a long way towards protecting your parking facilities from the elements. With the help of a professional line striping and seal coating company like Superior Seal Coating, your parking lot can receive added protection from the elements. 

Fresh Sealcoating Goes A Long Way

One surefire way of protecting your asphalt from water infiltration and heat expansion comes from regular parking lot sealcoating applications. Most lots should receive a fresh seal coating every one to three years to ensure the lot gets the most well-rounded protection possible. The seal forms a protective layer on your asphalt that prevents the elements from causing further damage. 

Keep Your Lines Fresh and Vibrant

Each time a customer or visitor uses your parking lot, it acts as the first impression they get of your business. A well-maintained parking lot projects a better first impression than one littered with potholes and faded lines. With the help of a professional line striping service, you can fix the faded lines of your parking spaces and give your lot a fresh lease on life.  Additionally, freshly painted lines can help improve the overall traffic flow by providing clear indicators for drivers of where they should go when parking and leaving your lot after a successful visit. 

Contact Superior Seal Coating Now!

If your parking lot has seen better days, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals to give it a needed retouching. Our asphalt paving team can come out, sealcoat your Chester County parking lot, and then after it’s finished curing, give it the fresh lines you and your visitors deserve. Contact us to receive a free quote and schedule an appointment for your driveways and parking lots today!