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How Long Should Sealcoating Last On My Driveway?

How Long Should Sealcoating Last On My Driveway?

 Homeowners pass over their driveways each day and will either think their driveway looks great or it could use some help. One of the most common ways to protect your driveway and help boost its look is with sealcoating applications.  Sealcoating your driveway not only gives it a finished look but it helps to protect the foundation below, which means fewer driveway repair appointments in your future. While parking and commercial lots benefit from sealcoating as well, we're going to focus on driveway applications to allow our Chester and Montgomery County homeowners the opportunity to make an informed decision for their property.

How Often Will I Need Sealcoating?

Every driveway is different, but some common trends help determine how often you should seal your driveway.  On average, sealcoating lasts 2-3 years for single-family homes. Factors that go into this include: -Level of traffic -Amount of sun exposure -Contaminants such as gasoline and oil spills -State of the underlying concrete Some homeowners may try to sealcoat their driveways too often in their attempts to prolong its life. The timing of new sealcoating needs to be rather precise as adding more too early will simply build layers of sealcoat that can develop cracks and holes. Allowing the previous coat to go through its natural service life will make sure that you get the maximum effectiveness from your next one.

Repairing Broken Driveways With Asphalt Patching

Driveway repair isn't just for looks, it protects the suspension and tires of your vehicles from abrupt potholes in an area that should protect them. Asphalt patching is the most straightforward approach to driveway repair. With over 20 years of experience working as paving contractors, Superior Seal Coating can safely and efficiently apply hot asphalt patching to fill all cracks and holes on the first visit.

When Should I Schedule Sealcoating?

Because sealcoating needs time to properly set and dry, we recommend doing so when the outside temperature is warmer than 50°F. Colder temperatures will prolong the curing process and take your driveway out of commission for even longer. An approach that has proven to be a one-two knockout for homeowners is to schedule driveway repairs and asphalt patching in the early months of fall or midway through spring. If you're looking to start on home improvement projects, Superior Seal Coating is your premier local paving company for any driveway and parking lot needs. Take advantage of more than two decades of professional experience to get the commercial sealcoating and driveway services that fit both your needs and your budget.  Get in touch with our team today for your free estimate!