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What Should I Do About Alligator Cracking?

What Should I Do About Alligator Cracking?

If you've been good about regularly scheduling an appointment with a commercial sealcoating maintenance company in Chester County PA to help care for your asphalt surfaces, you might not know what alligator cracking is. However, alligator cracking can be a severe problem for those whose asphalt base was laid improperly or commercial parking spaces haven't been maintained. Here's what you should know about the issue of alligator cracking: 

What Is Alligator Cracking?

Have you ever seen an old parking lot, with faded asphalt, weeds growing across it, and geometric fractures in its surface? Do these fractures look like a tortoiseshell or another reptile's skin? If you have, then you've seen asphalt suffering from alligator cracking. When your asphalt suffers this kind of damage, it usually indicates damage to the surface’s base layer. The damage could be a result of water penetration, or it might be due to improperly laid asphalt when the area was first paved. Only an experienced contractor will be able to know for sure.  The good news is that alligator cracking can often be avoided if proper steps are taken to care for the asphalt, such as cleaning and sealcoating. Once you see signs of alligator cracking, you should correct it as swiftly as you can, because it tends to spread over the whole of the paved area if left unchecked.

Should I Repair It Myself?

If you're used to repairing things yourself around your home or business, it's tempting to think you can figure out a way to fix the alligator cracking before it spreads. However, alligator cracking isn't something you'll address without the help of a professional. You won't be able to repair it yourself because the problem isn't where you can see it: it's at the base of the asphalt, which requires a professional who knows what causes alligator cracking to cut away a section and find the root cause. Only then can you be confident the issue won't come back.

Can't I Just Patch the Area?

Most people attempt to patch the asphalt where the cracking begins, assuming the damage will remain contained. The fractures beneath will still be there, though, and can worsen as vehicles continue to drive over the damaged surface. A patch can undoubtedly slow the cracks' progression by keeping water out of the damage, but it won't hold long-term and can make repairs even more costly. To find out more about alligator cracking or to speak with one of the leading commercial crack repair companies in Chester County PA, call Superior Seal Coating today!