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What to Know About Line Striping

What to Know About Line Striping

Has the parking lot line striping at your business been evaluated recently? Many property owners aren’t aware of the importance of traffic paint for the safety, efficiency and curb appeal of their business. If you have any questions or concerns about your parking lot it may be time to contact Superior Seal Coating, the leading parking lot patching contractor in Montgomery County, PA.

What is Line Striping?

Line striping is simply traffic paint applied to a parking lot to define traffic flow, parking spaces and much more. Your parking lot experiences wear and tear from the elements, car traffic, and passage of time causing traffic markings to wear and fade. Many people don’t realize how easy and affordable repainting lines can be. With the proper maintenance routine Superior Seal Coating can keep your lines looking fresh and your parking lot safe. Don’t let line striping fall to the back of the queue of your to-do list, you'll be doing your lot and your visitors a disservice.  The following infographic will show you some of the benefits regular line striping will provide:  

Do I Really Need to Line Stripe?

Yes! Line striping’s most important function is increasing the safety of a parking lot. When a parking lot has clearly designated crosswalks, it helps drivers look out for pedestrians and vice versa. Striping also helps make the movement of vehicles more efficient, reducing traffic and the risk of collisions on your property. Additionally, line striping helps to maximize parking space in a parking lot, so that your business can safely accommodate an optimal number of customers at once. Line striping also helps attract new customers by improving your property’s curb appeal and enabling you to accommodate visitors with special needs using designated International Symbols of Access for marking reserved wheelchair-accessible parking spaces.

Compliance Issues

Ensuring your parking lot has marked handicap spots and fire lanes is vital to meeting the ADA's standards and local fire code. The cost of a fresh coat of paint is far less than the cost of fines or lawsuits.

Define the Flow of Traffic

A well-marked lot is a safe, efficient lot. Make it easier for your customers to safely find and access your business with a clean, clearly marked parking lot.

How Long Does it Take to Line Stripe?

Most jobs can be completed in a single day. Traffic paint is safe for traffic approximately 1 hour after application. Every project is different and Superior Seal Coating will do our best to minimize the impact of the project on your customers or tenants.

How Often Should I Do It?

A variety of factors cause traffic paint to wear so every property is different. The simple answer? When it looks like it needs it! A general time frame is every 2-4 years but if you’re not sure contact us and we’ll evaluate your project for no cost. If you want to find more ways to maintain your parking lot or are looking for an experienced parking lot line striping contractor serving Chester County, PA, call the Superior Seal Coating team today!