What to Know About Line Striping


If you’ve had a parking lot patching contractor from Montgomery County, PA, visit your business recently, they might have tried to sell you on the idea of a line striping package to update your parking lot’s spacing. Maybe you took them up on the offer, in which case, you’re in good shape. However, if you were suspicious about the value line striping provides, then there are a few things you should know.

Do I Really Need to Line Stripe?

It’s tempting to cut corners on something that seems like little more than an aesthetic touch, but line striping is essential for compliance and general driver safety.

On the compliance side, making sure your parking lot has clearly marked handicap spots and fire lanes is vital to meeting the ADA’s standards and the business’s fire code. You may technically be able to get by with the barest outlines for a while, but the reality is that the cost of laying a fresh coat of paint is far less than the hundreds of dollars that would come if you decided to take your chances with the fines that could be imposed.

In addition to compliance, it’s generally just a good idea to have clear signs for where drivers should go. Many people on the road rely on signs on the road and by the roadside to navigate where they should be going and if they can legally enter an area. Even if you aren’t personally held responsible for any legal issue, it won’t help your business’s image to have negative publicity from a lawsuit with faded parking lot lines playing any role in the dispute.

How Long Does it Take to Line Stripe?

You might be wondering what the cost of line striping might be. Sure, the paint might not be overly expensive, but will the process keep people from your business for days? The answer is “no.”

Once your contractor finishes line striping, how long it takes to dry largely depends on the paint and the conditions. Generally speaking, the paint should be set around 30 minutes after the contractor finishes, but it’s probably best to avoid having cars drive over it for at least an hour or two to make sure there’s no chance of messing up the fresh paint.

How Often Should I Do It?

The best part about line stripping is that you don’t have to do it very frequently. Having the process done once every two years is typically sufficient to keep things clearly defined in your parking lot.

If you want to find more ways to maintain your parking lot or are looking for an experienced parking lot line striping contractor serving Chester County, PA, call the Superior Sealcoating team today!